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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lynne's Experience at Attica

Initially, I was extremely scared and nervous to visit a prison—something I’ve only seen on television. During intake, we had to leave behind our cell phones and make sure we had absolutely no metal on our clothes. After we finally were able to walk inside the prison, I was amazed. The buildings were surprisingly clean and there were a lot of programs offered to the prisoners. For example, some inmates are given the chance to participate in vocational programs and work for the in-house metal factory that manufactures metal products for the state. We also were able to see a row of the inmate’s cells, which  were very cramped and had absolutely no privacy. The most memorable part of the trip was getting to see the eye opening everyday life and conditions of an inmate living in prison. After leaving, my whole perspective of everything I had learned about prisons in the past had changed. I would whole-heartedly recommend this experience to any student interested in our corrections system!

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